KX-NT700 Panasonic Conference Phone with SD Call Recording Noise Reduction Real-Time Slow-Talk Analog SIP Compatibility   
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KX-NT700 Panasonic Conference Phone with SD Call Recording Noise Reduction Real-Time Slow-Talk Analog SIP Compatibility

KX-NT700 Panasonic Conference Phone with SD Call Recording Noise Reduction Real-Time Slow-Talk Analog SIP Compatibility

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The Panasonic KX-NT700 conference phone works with any existing telephone system (Note: Some systems may need additional hardware.), or operates natively on your business or broadband data network. KX-NT700 connects to your PBX phone system via single line phone extension or SIP extension. It can also operate on any standard analog phone jack, typically what you have at home. Panasonic always makes their products compatible with all sorts of environments, and this conference telephone can interface with almost anything. It's versatility makes it the best selling conference phone and one of the most anticipated new product releases of 2009.

The system includes a Three-Party Conference feature that lets you conference up to three units together, or conference one analog call into a two-party IP conference meeting. Need to further expand your meeting to include other remote parties? The KX-NT700 is designed to work with a variety of existing equipment for maximum flexibility including:

  • IP Compatibility
  • SIP Compatibility
  • Single-Line Telephone (SLT) Capability
  • Web Conferencing Systems Capability (coming soon in a future software version)
Also, the KX-NT700 supports connection to Standard (PSTN) telephone networks so its no problem adding a remote mobile phone to the conference if someones running late and you want to conference them in. With so many compatibility options, the KX-NT700 will work with almost any system!


High definition voice quality
- voice pitch and tone sound even better!
The KX-NT700 uses a wideband speech codec to deliver high definition sound quality. This ensures that multiple users can engage in a conversation without compromising voice quality and delivers crystal clear sound giving your conferences an intimate, face-to-face feeling.

Real-time slow-talk
A Panasonic exclusive! This ingenious feature allows you to easily understand a fast talker by slowing down spoken words while shortening the silent intervals between them. Avoids wasted time caused by asking conference participants to repeat themselves. Slow-talk is an amazing feature not available on any other conference phone. One touch button will slow down the speech and let you understand the caller clearer than ever before.

SD card recording
Heres an easy way to record and review completed meetings. The KX-NT700 features an SD card slot so you can easily record your conferences to an SD card and play them back on a PC at your convenience. 2GB SD card will record up to 67 hours of conference time! If you're a lawyer, doctor, insurance agent, or similar industry, you'll know the importance of recording your conversations. Panasonic incorporated SD card recording features into this conference phone, and this feature is not available on any other conference phone, a Panasonic exclusive! The compression of each conversation is optimized to hold many hours of recording on a single SD card. With extremely low SD card prices these days, it only makes sense to record those important conference calls. This KX-NT700 feature brings the Panasonic conference phone to another level of technology not available by any other manufacturer including Polycom. The price point further proves this KX-NT700 is the conference phone to beat in the market.

Connect any cell phone
Just like a standard headset for your cell phone, the KX-NT700 can act like a large speaker for your cell phone. Panasonic also includes the cable connection as well! Connect your cell phone via the 2.5 mm headset jack to the conference audio input connector. Select the option in the conference phone menu, and now you have a high quality professional speakerphone for your office.

Noise reduction
The KX-NT700 employs noise reduction technology which helps reduce ambient noise such as projector fans, ceiling music or nearby traffic so you hear the conversation not the noise. Not all conference phones are alike, and other manufacturers will only make unwarranted claims. Panasonic has over 40 years of telecom experience including corporate phone systems, and knows the importance of delivering crystal clear voice conversations. The KX-NT700 is one of the most highly reviewed conference phones and every customer raves about the great voice quality compared to any other model.

Conference Phone Manager Application
KX-NT700 includes the conference phone manager software for your Windows based computer. Panasonic also includes the USB cable for this program. This application tools provides full access to all conference unit features and functionalities:
- Call Setup
- Volume Control
- Mute
- Dialing Keypad
- Phonebook
- Multi-party Conferencing
- Ability to share applications to conference participants
- Phonebook access and management
- Calendar synchronization and call automation
- Call logs of calls made / received
- Application to record and edit call and memo recording

Expandable Microphones
Capbility to add external microphones KX-NT701. These external mics are not included in the package, and can be purchased separately. For large rooms, these external microphones can help ensure everyone is clearly heard on any conference call. Simply plug into the main KX-NT700 unit and microphones will be active. Plug-and-play technology and no need to configure. These external microphones are similar to Polycom expansion microphones, however Polycom requires you to purchase specific conference phone model to offer expansion support, whereas Panasonic offers one all-inclusive model.

Four corner microphone design. Easily capture sounds with 4 highquality microphones built-in to each corner.

Slim design has earned Panasonic many design awards.

Included Computer Software (with USB cable) to link the KX-NT700 to your computer. Control the conference phone from your computer with easy point and click. Full access to all conference unit features. Synchronize calendars, phonebooks, and edit recordings.

Expandable microphones also available. KX-NT700 can support up to (2) expandable microphones KX-NT701.

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KX-NT700 Panasonic Conference Phone with SD Call Recording Noise Reduction Real-Time Slow-Talk Analog SIP Compatibility

KX-NT700 Panasonic Conference Phone with SD Call Recording Noise Reduction Real-Time Slow-Talk Analog SIP Compatibility

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