KX-TDA50 Panasonic Refurbished Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System Max 55 Ports   
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KX-TDA50 Panasonic Refurbished Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System Max 55 Ports

KX-TDA50 Panasonic Refurbished Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System Max 55 Ports

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Digital Hybrid IP-PBX Systems - Ports Up to 55 Ports CO's Up to 8 CO's Phones (wired) Up to 28 phones Telephone Compatibility Works with all of the Panasonic KX-T7400, 7600, 7700, 7800 series and SLTs Multi-Cell Wireless Yes Maximum Cell Stations (Antennas) Up to 8 Maximum Portable Handsets Up to 28 Maximum Doorphones Up to 4 Maximum Door Openers Up to 4 Maximum Voice Message (OGM) Channels Up to 2 Maximum Voice Processing Systems 1 unit BGM/MOH (Music on Hold) Inputs 2 External Paging Outputs 1 RS232C/SMDR Outputs 1 USB Ports 1 Ethernet (10 BaseT) for CTI/Programming 1 port Voice Over IP Gateway Yes Voice Over IP Extension No view Q-SIG Yes SD Card Yes, for storing system software and local database information TAPI Yes, Telephone Application Programming Interface Compliant Automatic Callback Busy (Camp On) Yes System Speed Dialing Yes, up to 1000 tenant and 2000 system speed dialing numbers Account Codes Yes Conferencing Yes, 3-party up to 8-party calls at the same time Incoming Call Distribution Yes Universal Call Distribution Yes Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Yes, with optional KX-TDA5191 2-Channel Message Card Call Forwarding Yes Caller ID/Call Logging Yes Digital Voice Mail Integration Yes, digital integration with Panasonic voice processing systems Live Call Screening Yes, DPITS only Remote Live Call Screening Yes, DPITS only Two-Way Record Yes, DPITS only Two-Way Transfer Yes, DPITS only Intercom Paging Yes Direct Mailbox Access Yes Auto Configuration Yes Caller ID Routing Yes Caller ID Name Announce Yes Caller ID Personal Greeting Yes T1 and ISDN Primary Rate Service No view Absent Message Capability Yes A.R.S. (Automatic Route Selection) Yes Automated Attendant (with DISA/OGM) Yes Automated CO Hunting Yes Automatic Fault Logging Yes Call Hunting (Terminal or Circular) Yes Call Log Yes Call Parking Zones Yes Call Park Retrieve Yes Call Pick Up Yes Call Transfer/Transfer Recall Yes Call Waiting Yes Caller ID, Call Log Lock Yes Caller ID, Callback Yes Caller ID, Call Waiting Yes Caller ID Callback Yes Caller ID Date and Time Adjust Yes Class of Service Yes CO Limited Duration Timer Yes CO Line Names Yes CO Line Status Yes, two color LED Data Line Security Yes, for Fax or Modem Date and Time Display Yes Delayed Ringing Yes D.I.L. (Direct in Line) Yes D.I.S.A. Single Digit Access Yes Distinctive Ringing Tone (Doorphones) Yes D.N.D. (Do Not Disturb) Yes, with override Door Intercoms/Door Opener Contacts Yes DSS/BLF Consoles Yes Dual Port Usage (Parallel SLT Station) Yes Duration Time of Call Display Yes Electronic Station Lock Yes Emergency Call Number Programming Yes Extension Groups Yes Extension Name on Display when Idle Yes Exclusive Hold Yes Executive Override Yes Executive Override Deny Yes External Modem Support Yes Fax Transfer Yes Flexible CO Keys Yes, DSS/BLF and One Touch Dial Flexible DSS Keys Yes, One Touch and Feature Access Flexible Key Assignments Yes Flexible Line Assignment Yes Flexible Night Service/Programmable/Manual Yes Flexible Ringing Assignment (Day, Night) Yes Flexible Ring Assignment (Lunch) Yes Flexible Station Numbering Yes Hands-Free Answer Back Intercom Yes Handset/Headset-Display Phones Yes Hold Yes Hold Recall/Reminder Yes Hotel/Motel Features Ring Message Waiting Remote Station Lock Quick Dialing Room Status Industry Standard Telephone Capability Yes Intercom Yes Internal Call Paging (All Call Paging) Yes Internal Paging (Zone Paging) Yes Last Number Redial Yes Limited Call Duration Yes Login/Logout (Hunt, Ring, UCD) Yes Lunch/Break Mode Yes Memory Back-up Yes Message Waiting - Proprietary Phones Yes Message Waiting SLT Yes Military Time Display Yes M.O.H. (Music on Hold) Yes Multilingual Displays Yes, 5 Multiple Voice Mail Lamps Yes Off-Hook Tone Signaling Yes Off-Hook Monitoring Yes (KX-T7431, KX-7433, 7436, 7600 Series) Off-Hook Voice Announce Yes (KX-T7235, T7436, 7600 Series) On-Site Programming Diagnostics Yes Operator Call Yes Power Failure Transfer Yes Pre-Selection (Central Office or Intercom) Yes Privacy Release Yes Remote Programming and Diagnostics Modem Yes Remote Station Lock Control Yes Ring Groups Yes Ring Groups DISA Yes Ringing Line Preference Yes Saved Number Redial Yes Secret Dialing Yes Seven Day ARS Time Tables Yes Station Name Display Yes Station to Station Messaging Yes Station Speed Dial Numbers Yes, 10 T.A.F.A.S. (Trunk Answer from any Station) Yes CSTA Compliant Yes Timed Reminder Yes Timed Reminder, Remote Yes Toll Restriction Yes Toll Restriction Override Yes Tone/Pulse Conversation Yes Tone/Pulse Dialing (By CO Line) Yes Transfer (Screened/Unscreened) Yes Trunk Groups Yes Unattended Conference Call Yes Uniform Call Distribution Yes, with or without OGM Automatic Configuration Yes, DPITS only Walking Class of Service Yes Whisper OHCA Yes Dimensions (H x W x D) 14.5'' x 11.8'' x 3.75''

One Year Warranty on ALL NEW AND REFURBISHED Products ONE YEAR Warranty
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KX-TDA50 Panasonic Refurbished Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System Max 55 Ports

KX-TDA50 Panasonic Refurbished Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System Max 55 Ports

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