KX-TVA50 Panasonic Voice Mail Processing System 2 Port 4 Hours   
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KX-TVA50 Panasonic Voice Mail Processing System 2 Port 4 Hours

KX-TVA50 Panasonic Voice Mail Processing System 2 Port 4 Hours

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New KX-TVA50 Voicemail System!

The Panasonic KX-TVA50 is a small, compact voice processing system initially configured with 2 ports and 4 hours of flash memory voice storage, and 64 mailboxes. The KX-TVA50 can be expanded up to 6 ports and 8 hours of memory time. There are many new KX-TVA50 feature improvements as well as new expansion cards needed. The KX-TVA50 is perfect for small/medium businesses and larger homes, especially those that have home offices! The KX-TVA50 starts as a 2 port system (handles 2 simultaneous callers to voicemail) with 4 hours of storage and can grow to 6 ports and 8 hours of voice storage, and the KX-TVA200 which starts as a 4 port system with 1000 hours of voice storage and is expandable to 24 ports.

Unified Messaging (E-mail Integration of your KX-TVA50 Voice Mail Messages) 2-Port system expandable to 6 New Custom Service Builder (Easy Drag and Drop Configuration Tool) Enhanced Personal Custom Service offers more options based on Day, Date and Time. Windows Based Programming. Built in USB Port for Onsite Programming or Remote Programming with KX-TVA296 of your KX-TVA50.

Line Capacity (ports) 2 Ports, expandable to 6 Ports
Voice Storage up to 4 hours, expandable up to 8 hours
Automated Attendant Service Yes
Call Screening Yes
Live Call Screening Yes
Remote Live Call Screening (DPITS only) Yes
Callback Number Entry Yes
Caller ID Name Announcement Yes
Caller ID Personal Greeting Yes
Caller ID Call Routing Yes
Covering Extension Yes
Custom Service Yes
Direct Mailbox Access Yes, DPITS and APIT only
Email Integration Yes
Enhanced Message Notification Yes
External Message Delivery Yes
Fax Detection Yes
Holiday Service Yes
Intercom Paging Yes, DPITS and APIT only
Interview Service Yes
Voice Mail Service Yes
Dialing Method DTMF
Flash Time 100/300/600/900 msec (programmable)
CPC Detection None/6.5/150/300/450/600 msec (programmable)
Type of Line Loop start
Extension Numbering 2-5 digits (programmable)
Pause Time 100ms to 9900ms
Message Waiting Lamp Yes
Main CPU 32-bit microprocessor
System Recording Time up to 4 hours (expandable to 8)
Number of Mailboxes Max. 64 boxes
Number of Messages unlimited
Personal Greeting Message Length up to 360 sec.
System Message Retention Time 1-30 Days, or unlimited (programmable)
Maximum Message Length 1-60 min. (programmable)
Telephone Line Modular connector (RJ-11C) (2 conductor wire)
Data Port USB, LAN or Modem
Power Source AC 120V, 60 Hz
Two-Way Record Yes, DPITS and APIT only
Two-Way Transfer Yes, DPITS and APIT only
Automatic Configuration Yes, DPITS and APIT only
Dial by Name Yes
Group Delivery Yes
Message Transfer (with or without comments) Yes
Day/Night Service Yes
Voice Prompts Yes
System Reports Yes
Multilingual Service Yes
Remote Call Forwarding Set3 Yes
Activity Reports Mailbox Information, Call Account, Port Usage
HDD Usage, Mailbox Usage, Fax Call
Call Handling Statistics, Custom Service, Message Status
Subscriber Setup, Security Information, Hourly Statistics and Email
Greeting, After Hours Yes
Greeting, Busy Yes
Greeting, No Answer Yes
Internal Message Delivery Yes
Mailbox Name Yes
Mailbox Password Yes
Message Delivery Status Yes
Message Reception Mode Yes
Message Erase Yes
Message Fast Forward Yes
Message Pause Yes
Message Playback Yes
Message Repeat Yes
Message Rewind Yes
Message Save No
Message Scan Yes
Message Skip Yes
New Message Notification Yes
Play Previous Message Yes
Private Messages Yes
Reply to Subscriber(s) Yes
Time and Date Stamp Yes
All Calls Transferred to Mailbox Yes
Alternate Extension Transfer Sequence Yes
Auto Message Move/Copy Yes
Broadcast Message Yes
Call Blocking Yes
Call Transfer Status Yes
Class Of Service Yes
Clock Synchronization with PBX Yes
Coverage Mode, Busy Yes
Coverage Mode, No Answer Yes
Daylight Saving Time Assignment Yes
Department Dialing Yes
External Message Delivery Status Yes
Fax Management Yes
Fax Transfer Yes
Group Distribution Lists, Personal Yes
System Groups Mailbox Yes
Hold Call Yes
Mailbox, General Delivery Yes
Mailbox, Guest Yes
Mailbox, Interview Yes
Mailbox, Message Manager Yes
Mailbox, Subscriber Yes
Mailbox, System Manager Yes
Message Waiting Notification, Continuous Yes
Message Waiting Notification, Outdial Yes
Message Waiting Notification, Pager Yes
Message Waiting Notification, Scheduled Yes
Multiple Company Greetings Yes
Operator Service, Day/Night Yes
Recordable System Prompts Yes
Rotary Telephone Service Yes
Service Access Commands Yes
System Clock Yes
System Prompts After Personal Greeting Yes
Unlimited Message Length Yes
Digital Integration Yes
In-band Integration Yes
PC-based Programming Yes
Quick Set-up Yes
System Manager Administration Yes
Utility Commands Yes
Voice Mail Menu Yes, with KX-TDA with LCD proprietary telephone only
Remote Change of Company Greeting Yes
Built-In Modem for Remote Maintenance Yes, optional
Spanish Prompts Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.874'' x 14.567'' x 12.205''
Weight 6.914 lbs
One Year Warranty on ALL NEW AND REFURBISHED Products ONE YEAR Warranty
(On Orders over $100)
KX-TVA50 Panasonic Voice Mail Processing System 2 Port 4 Hours

KX-TVA50 Panasonic Voice Mail Processing System 2 Port 4 Hours

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